The Open Mind Entertainment was founded in 2000 by Ondre with a mission of providing an alternative source of information in natural medicine and the paranormal world. Ondre’s original idea was to create a safe place where broadcasters could uncover topics that were being blocked or censored by governments or corporate entities at the time. 



The first broadcast was from Ondre’s studio apartment in Monterey, CA. The listenership was small due to the fact the internet was limited by dial-up at the time, causing a tremendous amount of buffering and poor quality. In order to solve this problem, Ondre came up with a unique broadcast method known as ‘dual fractional streaming.’ This system used a dual stream that split and created a secondary lower bit rate allowing the slowest internet connections in even the most remote parts of the globe to experience a clear, uninterrupted broadcast. Ondre’s system was so successful, it’s still being used today and ultimately has allowed The Open Mind Entertainment Network to gain a global audience.

What makes the people at OMEN unique as broadcasters/hosts is they are not controlled by corporate or government regulations. They are truly able to express themselves allowing for unique and sometimes controversial content. The rules are quite simple. Don’t be offensive, be open to debate, and focus on the truth. The goal is to get people talking, debating, and discussing so ultimately we can achieve real and lasting change.

We will never all agree with each other but it’s wrong for one group to think they’re the only ones who know the answers. We should hear all sides of the story so we can then decide for ourselves what is fact and what is fiction. Join us and open your mind to new ideas, new thoughts, and new possibilities. Welcome to The Open Mind Entertainment Network.